Moves activity tracker launches Connected Apps catalogue to showcase services built on its API

Developers get their apps in front of Moves users who track over 2 billion steps a day

30 August 2013

  • Launch of dedicated Moves Connected Apps catalogue showcasing apps and services built upon Moves’ open API
  • 16 solutions such as Earndit, EveryMove, MMapper, Moves Export, Narrato Journal, Nudge, Proves and Tictrac already live with more to come
  • Moves app is tracking over 2 billion steps a day

Moves, the most popular day-to-day activity tracking app, today announces the launch of its dedicated Connected Apps catalogue featuring apps and services built upon its open API. The Connected Apps catalogue is available on the Moves website and in-app.

Early developers have already started to tap into Moves’ unique data. Since its launch in January, Moves has grown to track over two billion steps a day. At launch, there are solutions for incentivised exercise in the shape of Earndit, EveryMove; life journaling and habits tracking such as Tictrac and Narrato Journal; leaderboards, data export and visualization services like Moves Export, Proves and MMapper, as well as Nudge, a corporate wellness platform. More are to come. Developers have found Moves useful and the API very easy to work with:

"The Nudge platform revolves around the Nudge Factor, our health engagement score compiled from all the preventative health data a person inputs into Nudge. Moves integration has enabled us to provide a much more passive experience, lowering the bar for participation, while enabling us to engage more users, and to present a more complete data set to the customer.”

"Working with the Moves API couldn’t have been easier, we had it up and running in an afternoon. The Moves team was supportive and were more than happy to take suggestions onboard.”
— Ramy from Narrato Journal

“The Moves app is a game changer for the fitness tracking industry and we are very excited to be partnered with them. Thanks to their app everyone with an iPhone has a dead simple, and free, way to track their walking, running, and biking for earning prizes and rewards with Earndit that does not require remembering to start the app or put it on.”
— Harry Kautzman II, Founder/CTO

Moves is designed for users who may frequent the gym less than their friends but would like to know about the activity they’re tracking. The app tracks exercise in the background and sends users a daily notification summarising their ‘moves’.

“Taking advantage of unique data Moves collects, and the popularity of the app, is a great opportunity for developers,” said Sampo Karjalainen, the Designer CEO of Moves. “Our Connected Apps catalogue will enable Moves users to discover different apps and services easily whilst offering developers a new way to acquire users. Once our Android version is out, for instance, corporate health providers could use Moves as a tracking solution for almost the entire smartphone population.”

Moves is available to download for free on the iPhone App Store with Android version currently in beta testing.

About Moves

Moves automatically records any walking, cycling, and running you do. You can view the distance, duration, steps, and calories burned for each activity. The app is always on, so there’s no need to start and stop it. Just keep your phone in your pocket or your bag.